1. HOME RULESListen to your MOM & DAD. They work Hard everyday and want you to be a WINNER, but you have to follow their RULES.  Don’t Piss them off; you do not need the stress, nor do they.


  1. SCHOOL RULES—Listen to your PRINCIPAL & TEACHERS. They also want you to SUCCEED and be a WINNER, but you have to follow their RULES also.


  1. SHOW RESPECTIt’s Important to RESPECT your FAMILY, FRIENDS, PEERS and NEIGHBORS. It’s not Right to TEASE & FIGHT.  Try to get along with everyone.  RESPECT YOURSELF by Respecting others–this is how you become a WINNER.


  1. DON’T BULLY—Don’t be a BULLY because BULLIES ARE BAD and never WIN in the END. You can bet that EVERY BULLY will meet a BIGGER BULLY one day, so DON’T BE A BULLY because “What goes around comes around.”  




  1. EAT RIGHT—Try to eat HEALTHY, Stay away from JUNK FOOD, SODA and FRUIT DRINKS. Try to eat at least 3 pieces of FRUIT a day and DRINK plenty of WATER.


  1. WORKOUT—Play Sports; Do plenty of EXERCISE; WORKOUT in the GYM or at HOME at least 15-30 minutes a day (Walking, Running, Jumping Jacks, Pushups, Etc.). Your WEALTH is your HEALTH. 


  1. NO DRUGS—Don’t take DRUGS from anyone, or Drink LIQUOR, WINE or BEER. They will destroy your Health.  Try to live a DRUG-FREE LIFE.


  1. DON’T LIE—Don’t tell a LIE. Try to be HONEST with your PARENTS, PRINCIPAL, TEACHERS AND PEERS.  The TRUTH may hurt at first, but not as much as the LIE when it catches up with you later.


  1. DON’T STEAL—Do not take anything that is not yours. It’s called STEALING and it could put you in JAIL, a BAD place you do not want to be.


  1. YOUR HIGHER POWERTalk to and thank your “HIGHER SPIRITUAL POWER”, no matter what name you have given Him/Her, for Giving you life, good health and the opportunity to be a WINNER even if the odds are stacked against you.


  1. SACRIFICETo get ahead in SCHOOL & LIFE you must be PATIENT and prepared to make a few SACRIFICES so don’t be afraid to make BOLD LIFESTYLE CHANGES, find new FRIENDS, and step up your game to succeed.